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<Using Artificial Intelligence, I transform your hiring process, improving the candidate experience by enabling personalized engagement at scale.> Making the process more human and efficient

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Emi is a virtual assistant for HR teams. It leverages AI to shorten hiring cycles, to make the process more efficient and to increase recruiter productivity while giving the candidate a better experience, improving the company’s brand as an employer.

Process automation:

  • Candidate Screening
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Outreach and communication

Instantly engages via chat with the candidate at the moment of interest

Answers candidate questions 24/7and provides tips and reminders to complete steps throughout the process.

Validates candidate interest and pre-screens through meaningful 1 on 1 conversations

Automates interview scheduling and sends confirmations and reminders to candidates.

The platform is built to integrate with current tools (ATS, Calendar and social networks)

It sends status updates and notifies candidates that aren’t selected so that everyone gets an answer.


Recruiters time saved


Productivity of the HR team


Time-to-interview reduction


Candidate satisfaction


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